Cache #4 – Back to Hungerford Park – 9/14/12

On our day off from treaure hunting, I got on some of the websites that exist (and there are LOTS of them – I just can’t believe how popular this is) and tried to scout out a couple more local cache’s that we could search for – particularly one with treasure inside – as I had promised Mattea.  Can I just tell you – there are HUNDREDS of these things in the area.  Probably 50+ in Berlin alone.  It’s strange there is like this secret society out there that we knew nothing about. You open the cache and read the log and you just see pages of names of people that have been there and found it — you want to say, “how the heck have all these people known to look for these things and I never knew anything about them!?!?”

Well I found one for Mattea so today we decided to give one a shot before we went grocery shopping.  We went back to Hungerford Park for this one — turns out there are at least 3 in the park’s woods – we will probably go back there this weekend to try and find the “last” one.  This one had a picture posted on the website of a part of the woods around where you would find the treasure… we knew it the second we saw it — though it did take us 20 minutes of walking to reach the spot.  We looked around the area for awhile – it was a pretty spot where there was a sort of muddy brook (probably more pretty in spring when their was more water) and a rough board walkway to cross the “brook”.  After searching the area for quite awhile, I got on my hands and knees to examine the crossing.  Under the boards I could see what looked like a small, round black container that appeared to be attached to the underside of the boards.  I must admit, I poked it with a stick several times before confirming that it was in fact a cache.  Because of where it was, I wanted to confirm that it wasn’t (a) a bomb and (b) some living creatures home near the brook in the middle of the forrest!  After hearing a hollow thud sound upon hitting it a few times, I decided to take a shot – what’s the worst that could happen, right?!?!  OMG. 

I lucked out – it was the cache.  I pulled the thing off the boards and Mattea scooped it up. It was a great find.  She had lots of treasures to choose from — she picked a small pink “diva” bean… the little magnet bean toys that are pretty popular right now actually. She put in a “Starwars” Disney pin for trade.  Signed the log “FlutterFly Girls were here” and Mattea was happy.  I couldn’t describe myself as “happy” until I crawled back on the ground and attached the cache back to it’s proper place under the walkway.  yuck. 

Disgusting and dirty — but victorious – we walked our way back through the woods and to the car — dirty high-fives all the way around.  Took my sweatshirt off and wrapped it around my mud-soaked jeans and prayed the people at the grocery store didn’t think we actually LIVED under that little bridge in the woods.  😉




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