Cache #3 – West Lane Cemetery – 9/12/12

The very next day Mattea got off the bus and we decided the FlutterFly Girls needed to give this treasure-hunting thing another shot.  I looked up several more in the area and decided on a cache that was right down the street – actually where many Jortner’s are buried – in West Lane Cemetery.  I know what you’re thinking — you brought your 6 year old daughter to a cemetery to wander around looking for treasure… but I must tell you – yes, I did.  And it was fun.  I actually enjoyed this cache the most out of all so far.  We wandered the cemetery for way longer than we should have needed to. This was in part because someone forgot to turn on the GPS on the phone and was wondering for 1/2 an hour why the coordinates wouldn’t update as we moved around the location.

We really did enjoy wandering around — Mattie was reading all the names on the headstones and we talked about years and how families were buried together – it was actually really a nice, peaceful time and we had lots of girl talk.  I think that is why I love doing this.  Mattea and I just walk around and talk — talk about school, her friends, what she likes, what she hates, what boy she has a crush on this minute (yes, even in first grade – it’s crazy!)  We just get uninterrupted girl time and something about walking around in the woods (or a cemetery) makes her feel more like talking.  I hope she wants to do this with me forever — it would be wonderful if I could make these talks last – even when she’s 12 and hates me most of the time.  I guess we’ll see…

Anyway, thanks to many great clues provided by other geo-cachers who had already found this cache, we finally narrowed down the part of the woods it should be in – just outside the cemetery border.  We still just couldn’t seem to find it.  The sun was going down fast and we thought we might have to call it a night – when I gave one last look through the woods.  There shining at me through the setting sun, was the cache hanging there in plain view — I swear it must have hit me in the face while we were looking – that’s how obvious it was – and how close to it we were!  It proves the theory that sometimes the hardest things to see are the ones that are right in front of your eyes – LITERALLY!  🙂

Another cache caught for the FlutterFly Girls. We sure are good!  This was another log-only cache which left Mattea a bit disappointed but, like me, she was just really glad we found it and didn’t give up.  We signed the log and I told her I’d do my best to check comments and find one with actual treasure for our next one — it’s not always easy to know – but I would do my best.  A high-five and a 2 second car ride home ended a really nice evening in the cemetery.




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