Cache #2 – The Playground – 9/11/12

So, we had such a successful first find and were feeling so proud of ourselves that we decided we must try another one the same night!  To be honest, I think I just wanted to prove to myself we could do this and it wasn’t just a big fluke that we got the first one.  Our next stop was the cache by Little People’s Playground (LPP) here in Berlin.  I figured it’s near a park where Mattea used to play all the time when she was a toddler – this one should be easy right?  Well to be fair, it probably would have been easier if it wasn’t getting dark by the time we got there… and if it wasn’t quite so far in the woods.  (BTW, I didn’t realize how much woods is actually behind LPP – don’t underestimate the woods people!)

Anyway, we had to search a little harder for this one and the terrain was a bit steeper and more rocky.  We were basically standing on it when we found it!  It was at the base of a tree with a large rock covering the hole.  I have really fallen in love with that rush – that “ah-ha!” moment that you get that second when you see what you’re looking for.  It always seems to come right as you are starting to give up — when we decide maybe we will just come back — and there it is. 

This cache didn’t have any little toys or “treasure” in it – so we had to be satisfied with signing the log for this one. It’s funny – even I like the ones with treasures in them more than just signing the log and I’m not even taking a treasure.  There’s just something about not knowing what cool thing someone else may have left that is really exciting.  This one was just a log, but we were really happy we found another  – hid the cache back where we found it – and hightailed it out of those woods as fast as our little legs could carry us! 

Another high-five for the “MelMat team”.  On our way home we decided now that we were profressionals, we should probably come up with a creative name.  Being the Thirty-one addicts we are (I know, I started her loving purses and bags and pretty patterns way too early!) we talked it over and decided since we both really liked the retired “flutter” pattern (a multi-color pattern with – you guessed it – butterflys on it) we would name ourselves after that. 

The FlutterFly Girls were born — and so was our love for geo-caching.Image 


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